17 giu 2019  Düsseldorf / Germany

Reducing costs and streamlining production

Henkel to showcase solutions for every step in the die casting value chain at GIFA 2019

With extensive expertise in all key areas of the die-casting and metalworking value chain – Casting, Machining, Impregnation, Cleaning, Surface Treatment and Bonding – Henkel is ideally positioned to help reduce costs and streamline manufacturing processes. At the GIFA 2019 show (Booth H59, Hall 11) from June 25 to 29 in Düsseldorf, Henkel will be showcasing its comprehensive offering for the industry – from Bonderite cleaning, lubricating and surface treatment to Loctite impregnation and bonding solutions.

Building on experience, Henkel recently launched Bonderite L-CA CP 1030N, a release agent that combines the company’s patented siloxane technology with a new approach to bio-stability. The product features excellent casting performance as well as enhanced anti-bacterial protection, making it suitable for use under challenging conditions.

Henkel is also solidifying its offering of foundry solutions for automotive OEM’s with Bonderite L-CA CP 799, specifically developed for structural castings where heat treatment is not required. This product provides excellent surface finish for casted parts, which is a key success factor for further steps along the value chain, such as bonding, welding or anti-corrosion coating.

Bonderite L-CA CP release agents are targeted at high-pressure die casting applications in the production of powertrain and structural parts. The portfolio covers a wide range of technical requirements. Henkel supports foundries with everything from pure oil spray applications to the use of diluted lubricants with ratios up to 1:200, reducing thermal stress on the dies, optimizing cycle times and improving the overall quality of the casted parts.

“With the additions of Bonderite L-CA CP 1030N and L-CA CP 799 a broad and comprehensive portfolio of cleaning and lubrication products can be offered for the sustainable and cost-effective manufacture of high-quality castings – from high- and low-pressure casting release agents to water-miscible metalworking fluids, liquid neutral and alkaline cleaners” says Martin Desinger, European Business Development Manager for Machining and Grinding Solutions at Henkel.

Surface treatment for e-mobility applications

In addition, Henkel offers a complete range of sustainable and process cost saving surface treatment solutions for high-quality applications, including the growing number of aluminum parts in e-mobility.

For example, Bonderite M-NT 2040 etch passivation treatment lends aluminum components a durable surface resistance for excellent welding properties and high-performance adhesive bonding even after months of storage. Other thin-film light metal pretreatment solutions, such as Bonderite M-NT400 for aluminum or Bonderite M-NT 160/161 for magnesium, have a proven fit in saving energy and process water, maintenance efforts and waste compared to traditional pretreatment processes.

Furthermore, Henkel has developed the “2-step-process” for zinc-phosphating of multi-metal components with high aluminum content. The 2-step-process basically separates the pretreatment of galvanized and steel substrates in the Zn-phosphate-stage from the aluminum passivation, which takes place in the last process or post-rinse stage. In this way, the excessive sludge formation on aluminum known from layer-forming Zn-phosphate-processes is almost completley eliminated. This translates in significant process cost savings for customers, while at the same time minimizing their environmental footprint as it reduces the heavy metal sludge to be disposed of.

Other solutions on display will be Bonderite duaLCys process, an innovative solution for the machining and cleaning of casted parts and Loctite Impregnation Solutions, based on a full range of porosity-sealing resins and equipment and available at 16 service centers across Europe.

With extensive expertise in all key areas of the die-casting and metalworking value chain, Henkel is ideally positioned to partner with customers and help them reduce costs and streamline their manufacturing processes.

Henkel to showcase solutions for every step in the die casting value chain at GIFA 2019.

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