24 ott 2018  Düsseldorf / Germany

Launch Henkel Beauty Care Near Field Communication Colorationsberatung

Color consultation with the latest NFC technology at the point of sale – Henkel Beauty Care presents the mobile solution Choicify

Finding the right hair color with your smartphone in stores is easy now! Henkel Beauty Care celebrates the next big step into the digital future and has developed Choicify, a mobile color consultation program for the point of sale. Customers can quickly get lost in the jungle of different hair colors on offer. Help is here! Henkel Beauty Care introduces Choicify, the 10-sec. hair color finder. The program can be used directly at the hair coloration shelf on any smartphone using a QR code or a NFC chip reader (Near Field Communication for contactless data exchange) and the perfect choice is just a few taps away.

The wide range of hair colors on display in the drugstore can quickly leave customers confused. It’s not always immediately obvious which product will attain the desired color, or even how the colors differ. Dr. Nils Daecke, Corporate Vice President Digital Marketing International at Henkel Beauty Care: “Our aim was to deliver a simple & easy to use mobile solution that aids consumers to find the right brand or shade at the point of sale without them having to download an app. The result is Choicify!“

To help customers choose the right product, Henkel Beauty Care has developed the color consultation program, Choicify. The best thing about it? It’s not just for Henkel products only – it works for brands from other manufacturers, too. Customers can use the web-based consultation right before their purchase in the market. They can easily open the program on their smartphone by scanning the QR code or using the NFC chip. With just a few taps to establish the customer’s current hair color as well as their desired new color, the program suggests the perfect choice for them. “With the launch of Choicify, we are redefining the way how consumers discover their bespoke product which best fits their needs,” says Tilak Thiagarajan, Head of Digital Content Platforms International at Henkel Beauty Care. “At the same time, we are accelerating our data-driven innovation and marketing process based on the insights we gain from the point of sales.”

Dr. Georg Knübel, Director New Technologies at Henkel Beauty Care: “The quality of the product recommendation is ensured through the combination of advanced big data algorithms for color prediction and through colorimetric measurements.” Henkel Beauty Care guides customers through the jungle of hair color choices and helps them to avoid buying the wrong color product. Dr. Martin Andree, Corporate Vice President International Marketing Hair Color at Henkel Beauty Care: “The idea was created in a workshop on how to create new business models on digital services for the future.”

Choicify will initially be tested at exclusive retailers in Germany. In addition, Choicify will be used as a supportive online coloration purchase tool. Not only in stores can interested parties use the program but at www.color-choice.com as well.