30 ott 2020  Düsseldorf / Germany

New EPIX technology expands paper functionality and offers an alternative to other single-use materials

Henkel launches sustainable EPIX technology in Europe

Consumer demand for alternative materials in everyday single-use items is growing. Functionality plays a key role here, as these materials, such as paper, are expected to have the same performance as their conventional counterparts. After its successful launch in the United States, Henkel Adhesive Technologies is now bringing to the European market its new product technology platform that helps make paper a viable alternative to plastics and other single-use materials.

EPIX comprises a portfolio of materials and chemistries that enhance paper by expanding its functionality to give paper products added properties such as barrier protection, thermal insulation and impact resistance. EPIX technology can enhance the paper experience for paper cups, containers and eCommerce packaging.

Bringing new functionalities to paper

EPIX technology offers brands better barrier protection, protecting their paper-based packages from water, and grease intrusion. EPIX makes paper a viable alternative to plastic for popular disposable, on-the-go products such as paper straws, paper cups and food trays.

The technology also enables paper to provide thermal insulation, as in the case of takeaway beverage cups. Double-walled cups made possible with EPIX provide greater temperature resistance for hot or cold beverages.

EPIX technology adds impact resistance to eCommerce packaging. Padded mailers and other packaging materials are evolving to reduce waste. By replacing oversized containers and envelopes with better packing materials, EPIX technology enhances paper mailers to deliver flexible, form-fitting and lower profile packaging options. This technology has already been successfully launched with a major eCommerce player in North America and EPIX mailers are certified as recyclable by How2Recycle in the U.S. and OPRL in the UK.

“We are committed to advancing innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that contribute to a circular economy, and we see the opportunity to make a true impact in the growing markets of eCommerce deliveries and convenience packaging,” said Tilo Quink, Head of Packaging Adhesives at Henkel. “We understand consumers’ desire for functional paper products that are a reliable alternative to traditional materials and are looking forward to introducing this to the European market.”

After its successful launch in the United States, Adhesive Technologies is now bringing its EPIX technology to the European market.

The new EPIX product technology platform helps make paper a viable alternative to plastics and other single-use materials.

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