7 lug 2020  Düsseldorf / Germany

New fast-track recruitment process

Henkel is speeding up in Recruitment: Applying Digitally in less than 60 seconds

Anytime, anywhere, any device – applying at Henkel has never been easier and faster. The company has introduced a new recruitment platform and a fast-track process that allows candidates to apply within only 60 seconds. As a result, the number of applicants has increased by 40 percent in recent weeks.

“Many job seekers lose interest if an application process is too long. This is what we took at heart and enhanced the digital user experience by significantly accelerating our processes,” explains Valeria Gladsztein, Head of Global Talent Acquisition & Learning at Henkel. “The application process used to take up to 30 minutes. Today, we offer a fast-track and lean process within one minute.” Candidates can apply quick and easy, with any device and without setting up an account. They can also synchronize their data with their LinkedIn profile to import relevant information. Since the launch of the new recruitment platform a couple of weeks ago, the number of applications increased by 40 percent. And within the last three months, Henkel hired around 1,000 candidates globally. Henkel continued to hire employees even in the corona crisis. To ensure the safety and well-being of employees and people, processes were adapted quickly and unbureaucratically – e.g. through virtual interviews or remote onboarding.

The new recruitment solution is part of an integrated, company-wide HR cloud-platform from Cornerstone OnDemand, which Henkel also uses for its learning, upskilling and performance management. Henkel is continuously driving forward the digitalization of its HR processes and applications – in order to further streamline and accelerate processes, increase agility, enhance employee engagement and provide the best digital user experience possible.

“In the wake of the coronavirus crisis, digital expectations are even higher and businesses that want to be attracting great candidates cannot afford to overlook this. Digital transformation has long past being a nice-to-have and Henkel has clearly demonstrated the importance of optimising all parts of the business for a digital world, especially when it comes to your candidates and employees. The results speak for themselves, and we’re looking forward to continuing to support Henkel along its journey towards becoming a truly ‘unbound’ and agile business, ready to adapt and embracing new norms,” said Vincent Belliveau, Chief Executive EMEA, Cornerstone OnDemand.

Are you interested in working at Henkel? Find more information on www.henkel.com/careers

Henkel has introduced a new recruitment platform and a fast-track process that allows candidates to apply within only 60 seconds.

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