20 apr 2020  Düsseldorf / Germany

Innovative non-tack patch with high expansion for gap filling

Henkel has developed new magnet bonding tape with easy assembly and high material expansion for electric motors

Strong magnets are essential components to optimize the performance of electric motors. Manufacturers are looking for efficient and safe solutions that can fix these magnets into their position in the rotor, while compensating manufacturing tolerances. With Loctite EA 9536, Henkel has developed a novel solution tailor-made for the use in electric motors.

Loctite EA 9536 offers unique properties compared to existing solutions on the market. The epoxy-based adhesive film can be produced in various sizes and shapes customized to the specific application. Thanks to its low-tack characteristic the product is easy to apply. In addition, Loctite EA 9536 can absorb oil and dirt and thus eliminates the need to clean the surface. After application, the special epoxy resins create a strong and elastic bond that holds magnets securely in position.

“With our new Loctite EA 9536 we offer manufacturers of electric motors an innovative solution that combines efficiency and flexibility with high-performance”, explained Tony Wang, Business Development Manager at Henkel for Automotive Electronics. “The product is already in use on the production lines for several applications such as E-Scooters. It can be expanded and cured at temperatures of up to 140°C in a common process of industry suppliers. The adhesive film can fill gaps, fix the magnet securely in position and compensate for manufacturing tolerances in the electric motor.”