28 feb 2017  Düsseldorf / Germany

Online seminars focusing on Food Safe Packaging

Webinar calendar 2017 published on Henkel’s Food Safe Packaging Portal

All over the world consumers are more informed than ever before. This increased consumer awareness about safety issues is influencing the selection of products from the supermarket shelves. The demand is obvious: clean packaging materials that protect the food from any external contamination. Henkel, as a market leader for high-impact adhesive solutions worldwide, is deeply committed to the topic of food packaging safety.

Henkel’s comprehensive expertise is made available to users through the Food Safe Packaging Portal on the internet (www.henkel.com/foodsafety). Within the last four years, the Portal has been constantly updated providing expert knowledge for the food industry and other related sectors. Integral to this initiative is Henkel’s commitment to share knowledge, interact and collaborate with partners along the value chain. Those wishing to have a deeper look are invited to register for access to the Premium Area including white papers, webinars, and a FAQ section covering a range of key issues.

Henkel webinars in 2017 to cover all important food safe packaging topics

This year, Henkel will be holding ten live webinars in English language in which the experts will talk about different topics relating to adhesives in packaging and the requirements that food packaging has to satisfy. Considering the time differences all over the world, every webinar starts at 9 a.m. CET for interested parties from the eastern world and again at 4 p.m. CET for the western part of the world. In addition there is an offering of eight webinars especially for the Latin-American region in Spanish and Portuguese.

Those interested can visit www.henkel.com/foodsafety (section “Webinars”) to download the complete calendar or register already for one of the webinars covering topics like migration testing, mineral oil components in food packaging adhesives, risk assessment of NIAS, global food contact legislation or primary aromatic amines (PAA).

Risk assessment of Food Contact Materials

The first webinar 2017 will take place on March 8 at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. CET covering the topic “Assessing the Risks of Food Contact Materials”. In this interactive webinar, Dr. Jörg Feesche will dive deeper into the area of toxicological evaluations and risk assessments as important contribution to food safe packaging.

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