31 mar 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

No specialist expertise, tools or skill required

Joints as good as new – in just one step

Having new, fresh and bright white silicone joints has never been easier. The innovative special silicone Pattex Re-New can be applied to existing joints in one simple step without the need for any preparation work, finishing touches, tools – or experience.

Although unsightly or mildewed joints in the bathroom are a major no-no, they are often unavoidable. The use of inferior silicone along with application errors and warm, damp air create conditions that can allow to cracks, leaks, discolouration or harmful spores to appear. Even though defective silicone joints can cause serious damage due to water seepage, many households put one thing first: aesthetics.

One thing is sure – old joints are unhygienic and should be replaced. Previously, there were two ways of doing this: hiring costly skilled labour or the do-it-yourself approach. The latter is generally a good choice, but requires a degree of expertise, time and skill. For most people it is either just too much trouble, or they are all thumbs when it comes to DIY work.

Practical tube instead of a cartridge gun

After all, replacing connecting joints – another term for silicone joints – needs careful preparation work and finishing touches: masking the area around the joint, removing the old sealants, cleaning the area, inserting the silicone with a cartridge gun, smoothing it down, allowing it to dry and so on.

Glue and sealant specialist Henkel has now developed an innovative silicone technology. It is simply applied on top of the old joints with a practical tube. With Pattex Re-New, even the most reluctant of home improvers can replace joints – and the job can be done in just one step, without the need for any specialist expertise, tools or instructions.

Three-phase protection

Once it has dried, the new silicone offers the same protection as traditional sealing compounds. Thanks to Henkel’s own SilicoTec technology, Pattex Re-New offers optimum adhesion on silicone, exceptional water resistance and excellent flexibility. The 3-phase protection, which prevents the accumulation of mildew spores and stops stains and mildew from spreading, is a key benefit.

Tests* have shown that mildew does not form on Re-New joints. Even residual mildew from the old joints is not able to penetrate the new sealant.

Odourless and solvent free

This innovative sealant consists entirely of silicon, and is odourless and solvent-free. This is another advantage of the Re-New technology, as inferior silicone often contains large quantities of extenders and plasticisers that evaporate over time and can give off an unpleasant smell. As a result, the joints shrink and contract, which puts pressure on the joint flanks and can cause the silicone to crack and fall away.

Pattex Re-New, on the other hand, adheres firmly to all common silicones and reliably conceals unattractive discolouration – making joints appear fresher and whiter.

Ergonomic application tube with integrated smoothing tool

Another feature of Re-New that enables joints to be replaced in a single step is its special ergonomic application tube. Thanks to the integrated, automatic smoothing tool, applying the silicone compound and smoothing the joint can be carried out in one go. Corrections can also be easily made if necessary. The tube can be reapplied, or the compound can be quickly removed from the joint using paper or a cloth and then refilled. Surrounding areas and hands can be cleaned with clean water.

Pattex Re-New is suitable for both vertical and horizontal joints. A tube can cover five to seven metres of joint length. The sealed joints can be exposed to water six hours after application.

* QUV test: DIN EN ISO 846-B test

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