12 gen 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Novel Formulation Ideal for Applications that Require Low Outgassing for Fog-free Optics

Henkel’s New Low-Volatility Gap Filler 3500LV Delivers Excellent Thermal Performance

Addressing the thermal requirements of next-generation product designs, Henkel Adhesive Technologies has formulated Gap Filler 3500LV, a liquid Gap Filler material that delivers high thermal conductivity and low volatility for reduced outgassing.

“The realities of miniaturization have put new demands on thermal management requirements,” says Lonnie Helgeson, Henkel Gap Filler Product Manager. “Today’s designs are so small and intricate that providing adequate material coverage for thermal control is challenging. The use of a liquid material that can fill tiny gaps and flow around complex architectures is critical to ensuring product functionality and reliability.”

Gap Filler 3500LV is a two-part material that cures at room temperature with the option of accelerated curing through the addition of heat. While it delivers high thermal conductivity of 3.5 W/m-K and the mechanical property benefits of a silicone, it does so with minimal outgassing. As compared to competitive materials that provide higher volatiles variability, this Gap Filler’s low volatile content is tightly controlled lot to lot, ensuring outgassing is kept to a minimum.

Gap Filler 3500LV is beneficial in applications that require the optics to remain free of lens fogging such as automotive headlamps, stadium lighting and high-intensity LEDs. Other applications such as industrial PLC controllers on paint lines, automotive infotainment, cameras and lighting systems also benefit from Gap Filler 3500LV’s high thermal conductivity and low outgassing.

Once cured, Gap Filler 3500LV is a soft material that provides protection from shock and vibration. The liquid’s ability to fill tiny gaps and voids combined with its zero shrinkage characteristic ensure a high-reliability thermal interface for exceptional heat management.

For more information, visit www.bergquistcompany.com.

Gap Filler 3500LV offers high thermal conductivity and the ability to flow around complex architectures.

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