9 set 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

Temperature Stable Solder Paste, Technomelt Low Pressure Molding Materials and Thermal Management Materials

Henkel to Showcase New Products at Electronica Productronica

At the Electronica Productronica trade show, set to take place from September 9 through 11 in New Delhi, India, Henkel will feature its ground-breaking, temperature stable solder paste, its range of PCB protection products -- including Technomelt low-pressure molding systems -- and the company’s thermal management solutions.

Launched earlier this year, Henkel’s Loctite GC 10 is the market’s first-ever temperature stable solder paste. With temperature stability at 26.5°C for one year and up to 40°C for one month, assembly specialists can now enjoy excellent performance throughout the logistics and operations chain – from shipping/receiving to printing and reflow.

Since its introduction, the market acceptance of Loctite GC 10 has been unprecedented. Over 1,000 sample requests have been fulfilled and customers are converting production operations to Loctite GC 10 at an astounding rate.

“Given Loctite GC 10’s extensive development program and broad beta site testing, we had no doubt the material would be successful in the market,” explains Dr. Mark Currie, Henkel Global Product Manager for Solder Materials. “However, the pace of this success has been beyond expectations.”

The material has exceptionally long abandon times of up to 24 hours and zero start up time. Loctite GC 10’s temperature stability enables consistent print transfer efficiency, an expanded reflow window and increased flux activity for better results with soak temperatures between 150°C and 200°C. Resolution to long-standing logistics and storage challenges are also benefits of Loctite GC 10. The temperature stability of the product eliminates the requirement for cold packing, overnight shipping and refrigerated storage. Packaging and shipping costs are reduced and energy consumption within the factory is decreased.

Show delegates may visit the Henkel team in Hall 11, Booth #1290 throughout the Electronica Productronica event to learn more about this new solder paste innovation.

Technomelt Low-Pressure Molding Adhesives

Also featured at the Henkel booth will be the company’s Technomelt products. Widely recognized in the market as the premiere brand for hot melt polyamide systems, Henkel’s award-winning Technomelt portfolio offers manufacturers a broad spectrum of materials. From traditional Technomelt products to the latest white, clear and chemically resistant formulations, the materials are enabling efficient encapsulation solutions for multiple applications including medical devices, indoor and outdoor lighting, computing accessories such as flash drives, household consumer products and industrial sensors.

Technomelt materials facilitate low-pressure molding processes and offer a cost-effective, process-friendly alternative to traditional potting techniques. The process is fast and clean, encapsulating assemblies to form a self-enclosed housing and functional device.

Thermally Conductive Materials for Power Electronics

Addressing the thermal requirements of today’s power devices, Henkel’s line of thermal management materials, including those recently incorporated as part of the acquisition of The Bergquist Company, will be featured during the Electronica Productronica event.

Specifically designed to deliver optimum cooling and reliable performance, Gap Filler materials are thermal interface formulations provided in a liquid medium for greater flexibility and manufacturing automation as compared to traditional film-based products. Available in a range of formulas that provide thermal conductivity levels from 1 to 4 W/mK, Gap Filler materials provide the ability to control thickness, adapt for device topography and eliminate assembly stress for sensitive components. The use of liquid Gap Filler products also enables manufacturers to more fully automate the thermal interface application process to increase throughput and lower overall cost. Visitors may discuss Henkel’s thermal solutions with the technical team on site at the exhibition in India.

For more information about Loctite GC 10, visit www.soldergamechanger.com. Details regarding Henkel’s full portfolio of electronic material solutions can be found on www.henkel.com/electronics.