14 ago 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

New online campaign on sustainability by Pritt

Naturally Pritt!

Videos, games, and crafting-tips: the fun-packed new online campaign for Pritt teaches kids to craft. The campaign centers on sustainability, because natural materials aren’t just good for the environment, they’re also safe for children. Water, potato starch, and sugar: what reads like an ingredients list for baked-goods are actually the main ingredients in Pritt glue sticks.

Up to 90 percent (including water) of a Pritt glue stick is composed of natural ingredients. The original Pritt glue sticks and all-purpose adhesives are solvent and PVC-free. “It’s important to us that teachers and parents know that kids can safely complete their arts-and-crafts products with Pritt products,” explains Michaela Brützel, International Brand Manager at Henkel Adhesive Technologies.

That’s why the Pritt team has developed a new online campaign. At www.prittworld.ca children and adults alike can go on a playful journey through the world of Pritt. Six short animated videos show how Pritt sticks make it into stores – from the potato harvest to supermarket shelves. Added to that are experiments on the topic of adhesives and all sorts of crafting instructions. Whether it is with a fairytale castle or a pirate ship, with Pritt, every child can explore a new world. Teachers also learn how they can integrate creative crafting into their lessons.

Sustainability is firmly anchored in Henkel’s strategy

Sustainability is gaining in importance for consumers worldwide and is firmly anchored in Henkel’s global strategy. In Spain, the new Pritt sustainability campaign got started with both the new internet website and a very special pilot project. In a contest, the school children crafted their ideas for “the perfect school”. The winning ideas will be realized in two new schools that the Fritz-Henkel Foundation is building in Brazil together with Plan International.
In order to meet the many challenges the future holds, Henkel wants to become more efficient. By 2030, therefore, Henkel wants to triple the value the company creates through its business operations in relation to the overall environmental footprint of its products and services.

Check out Pritt’s crafting tips yourself by visiting: