9 gen 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

New seminar on the topic of “Food Safe Packaging” in Brussels

Henkel shares valuable insights on risk assessment of adhesives in food contact

As the world’s largest adhesives manufacturer, Henkel is deeply committed to finding ways to ensure food safety along the entire supply chain. Based on more than 100 years of analytic experience and driven by the needs of customers and consumers worldwide, Henkel is constantly sharing valuable insights and key information about limiting risks deriving from food contact materials. Any interested parties should not miss this unique opportunity to boost their knowledge at the seminar Food Contact Materials Safety and Compliance, organized by Agra Informa on 23rd February 2015 in Brussels.

Within the framework of the seminar, Dr. Monika Tönnießen, expert in Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs at Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies division, will be sharing key findings and latest insights on risk assessment of adhesives in food contact and how to limit risks from change of use along the supply chain.

Starting with the raw material and going via the adhesive formulation to the downstream user, Dr. Tönnießen will be addressing risk assessment of adhesives at all stages of the supply chain. Furthermore, Dr. Tönnießen will be sharing best practice information on different methods of risk assessment for adhesives such as worst case calculation, migration tests, migration modelling and toxicological assessment.

Attendees will benefit from the vast experience of Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies division and the vital knowledge of a renowned professional. Dr. Tönnießen is an expert in all aspects of material contact with foodstuffs and is a member of the Paper and Packaging Working Group of the Association of European Adhesives and Sealants Manufacturers (FEICA).

Co-located with the 22nd Annual Packaging Waste and Sustainability Forum, the Food Contact Materials Safety and Compliance seminar will be held on 23rd/23rd February in Brussels. This seminar offers a fully interactive and structured networking event, addressing key issues for food packaging, processing, distribution and retail. Dr. Tönnießen will be speaking on Monday 23rd at 12:15.

Additional information on the seminar and registration are available at www.fcmsafety.com.

Interested parties are invited to take advantage of Henkel’s web-based knowledge platform Food Safe Packaging Portal by visiting www.henkel.com/foodsafety.