18 set 2014  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel Adhesive Technologies announces “Supplier Awards”

Awards for Outstanding Partners

Close collaboration with strategic suppliers is a key success factor for Henkel Adhesive Technologies to drive powerful innovations and provide best-in-class service to its customers. The leading solution provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings worldwide recognizes outstanding performance by its partners and suppliers with three annual awards: “Supply Performance”, “Supplier Innovation” and “Supplier Sustainability”.

Customer partnership is one of the key success factors for Henkel Adhesive Technologies. The business unit develops tailor-made solutions for its customers by cooperating closely with raw materials suppliers and integrating their external know-how and experience to strengthen its innovation capabilities. During an award ceremony held in Berlin in mid-September, Henkel Adhesive Technologies recognized strategic partners that delivered superior service with regard to general supplier performance, innovation and sustainability last year.

“Strategically directed programs and joint R&D projects with strategic suppliers enable us to gain early access to our partners’ latest innovations,” says Mike Olosky, Corporate Senior Vice President Research & Innovation, Henkel Adhesive Technologies. “The close and trustful collaboration with our partners allows us to incorporate our requirements at a very early stage in the development process, and meet the specific needs of our customers in the best possible way.” The suppliers’ expertise and understanding of Henkel’s strategy are an important basis for such a successful cooperation – it ensures their ideas and proposals are aligned with the company’s business priorities.

“Being in open and direct contact and cooperation with the senior management teams of our strategic suppliers fosters our ambition to set the market benchmark together, leveraging shared innovation expertise, ownership and leadership. Together we strive to deliver excellence in supply performance, innovation and sustainability generating differentiated competitive edge and answers to the needs of our customers throughout the entire value chain,” explains Bertrand Conquéret, Henkel Corporate Senior Vice President and Head of Corporate Purchasing.

Supply Performance Award: BASF

Material quality, quantity and punctual delivery are some of the criteria that are crucial for the evaluation of the Supply Performance award. BASF, the world’s biggest chemical company, won this coveted award from Henkel due to its extensive effort to supply punctual and reliable raw materials in the very best quality. For Henkel, BASF is a professional and trustworthy partner that responds to its customers’ needs.

Supplier Innovation Award: Kaneka

This year Henkel presented its award for Supplier Innovation to Kaneka, a Japanese company that provides a broad range of polymers for a variety of industrial applications. Kaneka proactively gives Henkel access to its innovations, to open up and explore new paths together. Original ideas about which materials to use and how best to use them are important here, as well as the cost-effective integration of these projects into successful processes.

Sustainability Award: Dow Corning

Dow Corning, a supplier of silicone technologies, received the Sustainability Award from Henkel for its ongoing efforts to optimize processes with regard to sustainability. Strategic partners play a role in driving sustainability along the entire value chain, and making further progress toward the targets set out in the Henkel sustainability strategy. Dow Corning proactively addresses topics such as logistics and waste reduction, and develops new concepts together with Henkel. For high-volume deliveries, it is now possible to replace smaller containers and packages with tank trucks that allow sustainable logistics and easy handling. In addition, a smart recycling concept is being developed to optimize the processing and reuse of product residues.

Christian Kirsten, Corporate Senior Vice President Transport & Metal, Henkel Adhesive Technologies, presented the award for the best “Suply Performance” to Udo Hünger, Global Key Account Manager, and Christoph Hansen, Group Vice President, BASF (from left to right).

Mike Olosky (left), Corporate Senior Vice President Research & Innovation, Henkel Adhesive Technologies, congratulated the winners of the “Supplier Innovation Award” from Kaneka: Hilts Kawachi, Senior Manager, and Bruce Duerringer, Vice President, Kaneka (from left to right).

Csaba Szendrei (right), Corporate Senior Vice President Packaging and Consumer Goods Adhesives, Henkel Adhesive Technologies, recognized Bärbel Preußler, Global Key Customer Manager, and Patrick McLeod, Vice President, Dow Corning, with the „Supplier Sustainability Award”.

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