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Getting the right solution from Henkel for all maintenance, repair and overhaul jobs

Advanced Loctite Mobile Maintenance Expert Guide

Launched this year, the mobile version of the Loctite Maintenance Expert Guide has become a popular source of tips, tricks and advice for MRO professionals. Now, the mobile website, with its wide-ranging product and application information has become even more attractive with an expanded service and a comprehensive array of practical application videos.

The new videos provide users with professional tips and instructions on how to get the best out of Loctite’s products. The easy to follow and understand short films allow even those without a much prior knowledge to quickly feel like they can tackle the job. The videos are also ideal for short training courses, for refreshing personal knowledge or as preparation prior to performing a repair process.

The mobile website, which looks and functions like a classic app, offers clear and concise navigation to facilitate the search for the right Loctite product for the right application. The numerous Loctite products are classified by application type such as the fixturing of small parts or providing a corrosion protection coating. A second, alternative classification structure sorts the products by technology. For example instant adhesives or liquid gasketing items.

Helpful hints on suitable complementary products

With a free-text search function, retrieving desired products is both fast and easy. A new service has been added. This is a reference on suitable complementary products such as the right activators or cleaners for pretreatment prior to bonding. This appears automatically when selecting a product.

The Loctite Mobile Maintenance Expert Guide also provides information on retail stores, and also links to relevant technical and safety data sheets. The mobile website is free of charge and can be accessed without difficulty via any smartphone or tablet. All the user has to do is scan in the QR code or enter the following URL: m.loctite-repairs.co.uk

Loctite Maintenance Expert also available in book and poster format

For those looking for something more conventional, the Loctite Maintenance Expert Guide can also be obtained in a handy book form and as a poster for the workshop wall. Users are invited to either download the PDFs or order free hardcopies at www.loctite-maintenance.co.uk/en/maintenance-expert-guide.html. The mobile website is available in 25 European languages: German, English and Italian and also languages such as Swedish, Polish and Hungarian.

QR code for accessing the mobile Loctite® Mobile Maintenance Expert Guide. Alternatively, users can enter the following URL: www.loctite-maintenance.co.uk/en/maintenance-expert-guide.html

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