2 giu 2014  Düsseldorf / Germany

New whitepaper on the topic of “Food Packaging”

Influenceable factors for migration

Food packaging safety is an issue to which Henkel – as the world’s largest adhesives manufacturer – is deeply committed. On its knowledge platform “Food Safe Packaging Portal”, Henkel presents a new whitepaper about “Influenceable factors for migration”. In her whitepaper, Henkel expert Dr. Monika Tönnießen describes ways to enhance food safety by influencing the migration.

Migration is an important phenomenon for packed food and can cause a contamination which leads to a quality loss of the packed food. It even can make the foodstuff inedible. To avoid such problems the migration should be reduced to a minimum level possible. The structure of the packaging, storage temperature and time and the amount of adhesive applied for example can influence migrations risks. Monika Tönnießen provides a summary as well as information and insights into relevant topics. Interested people can visit www.henkel.com/foodsafety to register for the premium area, where the whitepapers can be found along with a comprehensive glossary and further videos covering a range of key issues on food safe packaging adhesives.